advanced security device

Advanced Webcam Security Device

Computer security is a big deal.  If you have a camera that can be used for web based video chat built-in or attached to your computer then you may want to consider adding an additional “advanced” webcam security device.  Can your camera come on without you knowing it and allow others to spy on you?

About 5 years ago @Chicadee1111 got an iMac with a built in webcam.  She really enjoyed the video chat, initially iChat and later FaceTime.  But it was not too long before she had put a post-it note over the webcam.  Asked about it she indicated an uneasiness that someone might be able to use the camera to spy on her.  We kind of laughed it off, saying how the camera-in-use light would come on, but it turns out that her instincts were good.

In the last several years abuses by hackers, the NSA, and errant school officials have shown the need for an advanced webcam security device, such as the one designed by @Chickadee111 (patent pending).  You can get yours anywhere that carries office supplies.  Sometimes low tech is the easiest solution.

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