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Sync – Free Young Adult Audiobooks

Another summer of free young adult audio books has started from YA Sync.  Yea!  Each week two audio books are offered for download from the Sync website.  You can download them on your phone, tablet or desktop, but you have to have the Overdrive program installed.  I wrote about the program last year.

There is a good assortment of books, contemporary and classic, which explore themes of race, ethnicity, gender and identity.  There is a mix of historical and contemporary works and various literary genres.  Its a good bet that you will find something that you will enjoy.

Audio books have come a long way.  I remember the days of cassettes that were prone to being eaten by their players and CDs that required a boombox and had to be protected from scratching.  The ability to quickly download a good book for listening on the device and time of your choice has made this format much more convenient and appealing.

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