Watch Out For This Gotcha When Using Webmin

Webmin is an awesome dashboard for managing your server.  It provides a web-based interface for server administration and makes many administration tasks easier.  I used Webmin again, after a four-year hiatus and while I found a lot to like, I also discovered a big gotcha.

Installing some software packages through Webmin fails because the package has a prompt for user input.  The package installer does not handle that.

Webmin comes with a “Text Login” module that gives you a command line.  I thought I might use that instead, but found that you need to be cautious there also, as there are some obscure errors that occur regarding reading and updating your packages after a software install when using the Text Login module.

While I found much to like about Webmin, and would use it again without hesitation, I’ve found it best to install software using the SSH command prompt.

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