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YA Sync – Free Audio Books Again This Year

There is no question that Young Adult (YA) books are popular.  Just look at the Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter, The Fault in Our Stars, and many others that top the best seller lists and have been made into movies.  As a genre, YA books often deal with issues relevant for teens and those in their early twenties.  The stories deal with issues such as place in society, relationship with authority, love, death, war, overcoming adversity, and coming of age.  It is no wonder that a well written YA book has broad appeal.

For the past several years the AudioFile YA Sync program has given away two free audio books each week over the summer months.  This program aims to encourage literacy and listening to audio books among young people.  A classic book is paired with a more contemporary offering.  Some of these books might be the kind of titles that  you would find on a required reading list for the summer.

The free young adult (YA) audio books are available each week during the summer as downloads from the Audio Sync Website.  This will be the third year that I have enjoyed the YA offerings.  The news that this year’s program has started came from @chickadee1111 who reminded me to check the weekly offerings.  Although not all of the books are my cup of tea, there have been a few that I really enjoyed.  You can download them to your computer, tablet, and phone, but you have to have OverDrive installed. I’ve listened to them on my desktop and when using my iPad in the car during long trips.

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